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Eight reasons why you need a professional make up artist for your wedding


There are some jobs you should leave to the professionals; electrical work, surgery and haircuts, to name but a few. The same is true of bridal makeup…




1. You will look better


It is not as simple as paying for someone who is good with a blusher brush. When you hire a bridal specialist makeup artist (MUA), they ensure that you look your best whatever the lighting, all day long.


As you will be photographed more than J.Lo at the Super Bowl, professional MUAs know how to apply the right amount of highlighter, so that you have an ethereal glow and do not look like a shiny mess in pictures.


It’s an investment


People talk about the “big day” but it is more than that. Wedding photos last forever; if you work out the cost per day from the date of your wedding, until the end of time, then I think you will agree that you’ve got a pretty good deal.


MUAs know weddings


How many times have you been behind the scenes at a wedding? Bridal MUAs have seen it all and are prepared for anything. There will be no runny mascara or foundation-smeared dresses for you!


It saves you money


Think about it; are you likely to wear the same makeup you do every day? To invest in the perfect new products and tools will cost a fortune (and you could make costly mistakes in the process). MUAs have a ton of palettes and brushes to create a really special look.


Prevention is better than cure


How often do you trial your own makeup? Probably never. With a pro MUA you will receive a preview of your wedding day look, which will save you from any last minute crises. Plus, they can offer you expert advice on how to prepare.


It’s one less stress


Saying that weddings are stressful is a bit like saying that Jeff Bezos is doing OK financially. Hiring an experienced MUA will mean one less worry on the day – so you and your bridal party can relax and enjoy the process!


An objective view


An expert MUA will accentuate your best features. They also know which looks do not suit you and will gently guide you – something which can be tricky for even the best friends to do.




With a professional artist, you can rest assured that hygiene is a priority. There will be no double-dipping into the mascara tube.


So now you know why you should get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you and making your wedding all that more special.